With 25 years experience, we offer high-end, award-winning artistic custom tattooing that is unique to the client, and which showcases the talent of artist Colin Nolt in a safe, hygeinic, and comfortable private studio environment located in the heart of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The name of the game here is art. We tend to focus on larger pieces, but smaller tattoos are welcomed as well, as long as it’s artistic in nature, with the goal of bringing world-class artistry and quality to Central PA and the surrounding tri-state area. Please leave the Pinterest clipart and simple lettering at home. Top priority is given to full backpieces, sleeves, and wildlife/pet portraits, with a preferential focus on fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, comic book, dark art, fine art reproduction, art nouveau, graffiti and street art, and realism work. We do not tattoo minors under the age of 18. No exceptions. Bigots, drunks, and other pains in the ass will be swiftly turned away.

Colin grew up as a native of Pennsylvania, and developed his love for all things art through a steady diet of comic books, wildlife magazines, cartoons and anime, sci-fi and horror movies, and visits to museums. He was practically born with a pencil in his hand, and the love of drawing never left him, often to the chagrin of his parents and teachers, although his artistic endeavors were usually highly encouraged by his very supportive family. Beyond tattooing and his first love of pencil sketching, Colin is an avid sculptor and digital artist, as well as a huge nature lover, concert goer, and traveler. In addition to art, music, and travel, his other passions include the study of physics, neuroscience, genetics, civics, sociology, and philosophy. Colin is also an avid human rights and environmental advocate and activist. He lives by the idea that you should find what you love in this life, and let it kill you, and he is quick to remind people that, as author J.R.R. Tolkien once stated so beautifully, “Not all who wander are lost.”

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